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Our Mission

Lazarus Rising aims to effectively and efficiently combat homelessness through the provision of job placement skills. We empower our participants through personalized resume reviews, mock interviews, and job search portal navigation at absolutely no cost to either our participants or our community partners.


The Crisis

There are over 600,000 people who experience homelessness on any given night in the United States; over 1/3 of the people in this group either have children or are children themselves; almost 1/5 of this population is considered “chronically homeless”, meaning that they have been homeless for at least one year.

To make matters worse, roughly 40% of the homeless population has not received a high school diploma and in order to acquire subsidized housing, one must wait an average period of 35 months.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for someone who is homeless to find employment and improve his or her living situation. There are currently very few effective job placement training programs out there, and those that do exist do not have the functional capacity to reverse this dangerous trend.


Homeless Every Night


Have Children/Are Children


Chronically Homeless 


Our Solution

Our program model is centered on utilizing skilled volunteerism provided by university students, who we call “JUMPStarters”, and allocating that mission-driven labor to the places that need it the most.

This model is divided into two sessions, the first with a focus on resume building and the second on interview skills and job portal navigation. Each “JUMPStarter” is paired with a participant and remains matched with them through both sessions in order to develop rapport and make the participants feel as comfortable as possible. This extra attention is critical to success as it works to break through the barriers of cynicism and insecurity that might otherwise hinder the process.


Join The Fight


Help us spread our efforts far and wide! Please contact our CEO, Danny Graziosi, at dgrazio1@binghamton.edu.


To become a JUMPStarter and make a difference in the lives of others, contact our CSO, Jake Oppenheim, at jao8195@gmail.com or our COO, Nicholas Makos, at nmakos@udel.edu.


To become a community partner and help us accomplish our mission, email our CEO, Danny Graziosi, at dgrazio1@binghamton.edu.


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Our Team

Danny Graziosi

Danny Graziosi

Chief Executive Officer View Details
Nicholas Makos

Nicholas Makos

Chief Operating Officer View Details
Billy Schweigert

Billy Schweigert

Chief Technology Officer View Details
Anthony Mano

Anthony Mano

Chief Innovation Officer View Details
Jake Oppenheim

Jake Oppenheim

Chief Strategy Officer View Details
Danny Graziosi

Danny Graziosi

Chief Executive Officer

Email: dgrazio1@binghamton.edu

Danny is currently an MBA student at Binghamton University, concentrating in Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, and Marketing. During his undergrad, he was the Binghamton Lazarus Rising Chapter President and Founder.

Nicholas Makos

Nicholas Makos

Chief Operating Officer

Email: nmakos@udel.edu

Nicholas is a Junior at the University of Delaware, where he is pursuing a degree in Operations Management from the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics. In his off time he is an active member of the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and is a representative of the Student Government Association on campus.

Billy Schweigert

Billy Schweigert

Chief Technology Officer

Email: williamwschweigert@gmail.com

Billy is a Computer Science major at Stony Brook University. He has a passion for software development and wants to put his knowledge to use to help people across the country. He is excited to work with a talented team of developers to create software solutions to help Lazarus Rising grow. In his spare time you can find Billy playing video games with friends or working on other software related projects.

Anthony Mano

Anthony Mano

Chief Innovation Officer

Anthony is a senior at the University of Delaware pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics hoping to work in financial services. He is an optimistic extrovert that is passionate about helping others achieve his or her goals. Anthony began his involvement with Lazarus Rising his sophomore year when Founder Matt Sobel brought him on a trip, and his passion was ignited since. Other interests include ice hockey, listening to music, and singing in the car.

Jake Oppenheim

Jake Oppenheim

Chief Strategy Officer

Jake Oppenheim is the Chief Strategy Officer of Lazarus Rising and is working simultaneously as a full-time analyst at Goldman Sachs. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Binghamton University where he studied accounting and finance. Jake first got involved in Lazarus Rising when Danny Graziosi, a fellow member of Alpha Kappa Psi at Binghamton University, invited him on a visit to a local homeless shelter. It was during this visit that Jake saw the impact that can be made by putting the professional skills he learned throughout his time at university to use. He joined the Lazarus Rising team to help expand this impact across the country. When he is not working he enjoys exercising, browsing reddit, and watching the New York Yankees or Game of Thrones.


Strategic Advisory Council

Bryan Townsend

Bryan Townsend

Senator, State of Delaware View Details
Dr. John McNutt

Dr. John McNutt

University Of Delaware View Details
Will Cobb

Will Cobb

Management Consultant, PwC View Details
David Sang

David Sang

Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company View Details
Bryan Townsend

Bryan Townsend

Senator, State of Delaware
Dr. John McNutt

Dr. John McNutt

University Of Delaware
Will Cobb

Will Cobb

Management Consultant, PwC
David Sang

David Sang

Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company

Our Roots

During the fall of 2013, Matt Rojas was a wide-eyed college freshman at the University of Delaware. As the end of the semester approached, he figured that he should update his resume and sought guidance from his close friend and upperclassman.  Shocked and awed, this friend completely revamped the document and Rojas was introduced to the uniquely acute job placement skills of university students, refined over time through numerous college, internship, and job applications. Rojas figured that if he had trouble fine-tuning these skills, then those in much less fortunate circumstances must be in very dire straits. After reaching out to a local homeless shelter and proposing the idea of a few university students conducting a resume workshop for its residents, Lazarus Rising was born.


Lazarus Rising Chapters



  • My last interview paid off!! Things can only get better. I’m quite sure that your advice and help on condensing my resume to one page was crucial in making my resume stand out to my interviewer (now my Supervisor)!! I also want to thank you for going over the possible questions that an interviewer might ask. That gave me the confidence to be able to answer his questions in order to put myself in the best light possible. Now, work is great!! The people that I work with are wonderful and I really enjoy what I’m doing. Currently, I’m even in the process of getting into an apartment. Wish me luck!! Thank you again for all of your help and insight. I have been truly blessed in meeting you!!

    Louie T.
  • I was reluctant at first. I knew resumes were important but I thought mine was fine to start with. Lazarus Rising taught me how to sell myself to my future employers. I learned how to operate in an interview and professional setting. Most importantly, it gave me the confidence I needed to reach out and apply. Now I have a job at K&T Marketing!

    Steven C.
  • Lazarus Rising has given me more insight on homelessness and joblessness than I would have thought I could discover. I learned that people are usually not homeless because they are lazy or nonsensical, but because the world has the ability to be unfair and cruel. It’s an incredible feeling to help put these people back on their feet and give them a second chance at financial stability. People deserve this opportunity. I feel I’ve learned more from my experiences at the shelter than school could ever teach me.

    Danny B.
  • It is great to see how passionate they are about Lazarus Rising and the level of sophistication in their thought process. I look forward to keeping in touch.

    Tim D.
  • Thank you and your team for taking the time to assist us. I am around these ladies every day and I must let you know that I have never seen them so excited and captivated by you guys. You and your team brought some life back into them. Usually during classes it is very quiet, but not that day. I look forward to seeing you guys again!

    Jose A.


Shelter Trips

Shelter Trips


Frequently Asked Questions

Lazarus, being raised from the dead, symbolizes our goal to help others get back on their feet in times of need. There are several conditions that make it so difficult for people seeking employment to get there on their own, so we aim to help them “rise” up to their full potential. Less importantly, “Lazarus Rising” just sounds really cool.
Our program model is comprised of two sessions. To begin, we set up a block appointment for two workshops with one of our community partner homeless shelters to host the program. During the first session, our volunteers work with participants on resume writing and review. During the second session, the focus shifts to job interviews and job portal websites in order to give comprehensive employment training to our participants. These sessions are one on one and last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for each participant.
We are currently based out of Newark, DE and hold programs in the greater Wilmington area. However, we are expanding to colleges and universities across the country!
Yes! If you are interested in starting a chapter at your university or in your area, please let us know. We hope that our employment workshops can help as many people as possible.
Most of our volunteers, being university students, have written countless resumes and been through numerous interviews. That being said, we also provide a crash course on how to systematically write an effective resume and how to succeed during a job interview. We also instruct our volunteers on how to give constructive feedback, how to manage conflict, and how to handle sensitive issues that might come up.
Whether you would like to volunteer, become a community partner, or even start a new chapter, joining the Lazarus Rising family is easy! Visit our Join the Fight section to contact us and get started!
Currently, our only sources of funding are donations and the generosity of our volunteers. However, we are expecting to receive grants in the future to further improve and expand our programs.
Upon completion of the program, our participants receive a certificate and all of the skills they need to get a job. We keep in contact with our graduates in order to track their progress and see if we can continue to help in any way.