our mission

We provide homeless shelters
with the technology to schedule
& operate virtual volunteer
workshops at times that are
convenient for everyone

So far, we’ve connected 400+ people with skilled volunteers across the country.

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the problem

Over 11,000 homeless shelters in the U.S. lack the technology, data, and resources needed to adequately support people experiencing homelessness.

How We Help

We Train Volunteers on vocational skills

Like how to write a proper resume, prepare for a job interview and search for careers online.

We Partner with Homeless Shelters

And equip them with technology that connects them directly with our skilled volunteers. Shelters can use our platform to schedule virtual workshops.

We Schedule 1-on-1 virtual workshops

That connect our volunteers with people living in homeless shelters to deliver personalized vocational training. It feels just like a Zoom Video call!

We support people experiencing homelessness

After a one hour training session with our volunteers, our clients have more confidence in their ability to find meaningful employment.

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Building Resumes

Preparing for Interviews

Conducting Mock Interviews

"Lazarus Rising’s online workshop management platform has dramatically increased our capacity to serve our clients who are trying to make progress in their lives. It is a virtual a la carte opportunity to instantly schedule clients for workshops to create resumes and improve their interview skills."

Greg Vadala

Vocational Coordinator at The Bowery Mission

"An important part of what we do is showing our participants that they have value and that they can contribute that to society, giving them confidence in their abilities."

danny Graziosi

lazarus rising, ceo