established 2015

Empowering people experiencing homelessness with the skills to secure meaningful employment

Everyone needs a hand from time to time, why not be the one to give it?

400+ Participants

With each participant we work with, we can bring one person, one step closer to meaningful employment.


Six Regions

What started as a few friends trying to make a difference, has grown to six different cities impacting the country.


300+ Volunteers

Our incredible volunteer base gets larger every day. Visit the Get Involved page to join our mission.

our mission

The Lazarus Rising Mission

"An important part of what we do is showing our participants that they have value and that they can contribute that to society, giving them confidence in their abilities."

Danny Graziosi Headshot
Danny Graziosi
Chief executive officer

U.S. Homelessness Statistics

Over 500,000 people
experiencing homelessness
Over 30% of homeless people without shelter
Over 30% of the homeless are families with children

"When working with Lazarus Rising's volunteers, participants leave feeling like they just worked with a good friend. No matter the differences in gender, age, or background, each interaction leads only to greater success. Volunteers make the participants feel comfortable, but more importantly, worthy - building their confidence to get back on their feet."

Robert Tompkins
senior manager, vocational at the bowery mission

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